Our Company Background

Media Is You started in 2012 as an interactive design and development company. Over the years, having delivered over 150 projects, we have scaled our business into govt, media sector and social enterprises; providing technology solutions for some of the most task critical, day-to-day functions. Not only have we streamlined our clients’ processes, we have also given the best value for money in all our projects.

Your Digital TransformationBegins With Us

Impactful Strategy.

We help you maximise your business benefits of your technology-focused initiatives

Effective Designing.

Our human-centric approach puts your customer experience at the centre of our design.

Infallible Solutions.

Our expertise in technology gives us the confidence to take on any challenge, head on.

Everlasting Growth.

We are equally passionate about your product's growth. Pushing it to newer heights with time.

Our ApproachSimple designs, Robust solutions

We are a team of passionate people driven by one relentless pursuit- to craft innovative solutions and deliver unparalleled results.

The Three PrinciplesThat Define Us




Experts At Innovation,
A Culture Of Collaboration.

Our client relations go a long way.

Let us understand your business objectives, set up initial milestones, and plan your super project with you. We are excited.
Our services will give your business, a competitive edge above the competition. We will put in all our efforts to accelerate your growth.
We have successfully delivered over 150 projects in over 5 countries, streamlining businesses through technology and giving the best value for the money in all our projects

Our TeamCore Members

Aditya Kapoor

/ Founder

Swetansu Mohapatra

/ Brand Strategy

Siddhartha Rai

/ Content Specialist

Shashank Agrawal

/ Finance & Marketing

There's more to us than meets the eye

In order to broaden the horizon of our offerings & services, and to help our existing clients leverage the same for expanding their businesses, we constantly keep experimenting with latest technologies.

To know more about our latest experiments developments, get in touch today : [email protected]

Let's make great things together!

We are ready!Let's work!